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Revolutionise your fire safety management with Fire Ledger.

It will make you compliant whilst saving you time and money.

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User-Friendly Fire Safety Management

Created by a qualified fire risk assessor, fire safety trainer, and former firefighter, Fire Ledger is an interactive, user-friendly system for efficient Fire Safety Management (FSMS) designed to be inclusive and easily operable by anyone familiar with smartphones or devices.

Efficiently manage and record fire safety duties, from certifications to tests, and checks using our streamlined platform. Tailored for schools, businesses, landlords, and more, Fire Ledger ensures your compliance with fire safety regulations.

Share your dashboard’s high standards with interested parties on a secure read only basis, and receive timely notifications for maintenance and compliance needs.

Our intuitive dashboard provides insights with Easy to follow traffic light indicators. Your own unique QR codes identify your locations, equipment, and essential information with regard to managing all tests, checks, etc. And our Findings for Action section prompts swift notification of issues found for cost-effective early maintenance.

Our super dashboard is designed for multi-site management to enable consistent standards throughout your business with timely reminders to prevent missed documents and enable pro-active responses.

GDPR – ready with two-factor authentication security safeguarding your data. Transparent pricing offers a cost-effective solution.

Fire Ledger App



Fire Ledger seamlessly gathers essential elements of fire safety management, encompassing certifications, Fire Risk assessments, check outcomes, test results, maintenance records, and servicing details. This comprehensive compilation offers a clear and visual snapshot of existing fire safety standards.


Every document, in PDF format, is effortlessly uploaded to the appropriate segments, instantly accessible for reading, emailing, or printing with a simple click. Every test or check conducted is precisely timestamped, encompassing comprehensive results securely stored within their respective sections.


When findings or concerns arise during a test or check, a notification emerges in the ‘Findings For Action’ section. For safeguarding only the Primary Users have sufficient access to clear any notifications after confirming the resolution of the issue.


Fire Ledger is crafted to provide clients with a well-informed, real-time view of their existing fire safety standards. It actively prompts, accentuates, and informs about necessary or impending maintenance, servicing, training, and compliance requirements, fostering proactive planning and effective budget management in advance.

St Nicholas School

I heard Mick speak at a Finance meeting and was completely mesmerised and excited about his product, ‘Fire Ledger’ which I took straight back to my school and bought without hesitation.

It’s a product that is so easy to use and captures all the relevant & statutory data needed for Fire Safety / Health and Safety. He has even incorporated a visitor’s log in so the council are able to extract all the data they require – AMAZING!

Not only does he have a fantastic product he provides us with all of our Fire Training for the whole school benefiting from his years of experience in the Fire Brigade.

The staff have said it has been the BEST fire training they have received.

I would highly recommend Mick and Fire Ledger to any school / business.

Red Gates School

Here at Red Gates School the Fire Ledger system has made the statutory management of our fire safety fast and efficient, one of the main features is the time saving element that in any busy school is a must in today’s fast paced world.

It is a one stop shop for all statutory fire management requirements and is straight forward, easy to use, and delivers the record keeping needed all in one place, all qualified, and ready to share with interested parties. The training and support given is first class and I would strongly recommend this system to any school.


Elevate Efficiency and Safety Using Fire Ledger’s Unique FSMS

Fire Ledger presents a unique FSMS designed to streamline the management of documents, reducing the time needed for filing, retrieval, sharing, and sending. Additionally, it significantly decreases the time required for staff to conduct and record essential maintenance, checks, tests, fire drills, and training carried out daily, weekly, monthly, and annually. This dual impact enhances overall fire safety standards while simultaneously lowering client costs.

User-Friendly Interface

Experience convenience through an intuitive dashboard containing all necessary documents and information fields. It features easy to follow traffic light indicators for swift compliance overviews.


Optimise efficiency with dropdown menus for weekly and monthly tests, minimising the need for typing. Each area is easily identified by unique QR codes, pre-set with locations and additional required details.

Current and Timely

Benefit from preset reminders for time-sensitive documents such as Fire Risk Assessments, Fixed Wiring tests, and Training certifications. Receive ample notice for renewals, ensuring continuous compliance.

GDPR Compliance Simplified

Embrace Fire Ledger to facilitate gdpr compliance. safeguard company information with two-factor authentication and seamlessly share data among colleagues through master and subsidiary account levels as well as read only access for interested parties.

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Experience hassle-free, proactive fire safety management with Fire Ledger and embrace streamlined compliance tailored for schools, businesses, landlords, and more. Fire Ledger ensures adherence to fire safety regulations.

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