A history and passion
for fire safety

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to measure is to manage

Fire Ledger Ltd was formed as a result of knowledge gained working as a fire risk assessor, fire safety trainer, and former full time firefighter where I also had hands on experience of the speed, efficiency, and destructive nature of fire.

It is with this knowledge and use of my teaching qualification (DTLLS) that the aim and mission has always been to guide and educate clients in ways to fulfil, not just their legal responsibilities regarding fire safety practices and policies, and achieve full alignment with the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, but to further enhance the safeguarding of their staff and businesses with regard to the dangers of fire.

Through the fire risk assessment processes I recognised the need to provide a truly fire specific, user friendly, and easy to operate Fire Safety Management System (FSMS) that follows the same principles without the need for the operator to be formally qualified, as a qualified tutor I recognised it had to be easy to read and follow for quick and effective operation, educational in its guidance, transparent in its findings and reminding’s, and practical, in essence useable for anyone who can operate a smart phone or device.

This led to the concept of ‘Fire Ledger’, a specialised and easily accessible and secure cloud based FSMS for the collation all fire safety data and documents. At Fire Ledger Ltd we developed and tested Fire Ledger to replace outdated and inefficient paper-based or multi-database systems and produce a user-friendly digital application purely for fire safety management.

Think of Fire Ledger not only as your reliable assistant for filing, finding, viewing, sharing, and sending documents, but as a reliable and focussed means of reducing the time your staff spends on essential tasks such as required checks and tests. All carried out and clearly recorded with time and date clarification with the benefit of prompts and reminders to ensure essential tasks are not missed out.

The outcome? You will enjoy increased efficiency, heightened fire safety and risk management standards, with improved cost management.

Fire Ledger features an intuitive dashboard with a ‘current status’ tracker and ‘compliance’ notification.

Keep an eye out for alerts on ‘overdue’, ‘reminders’, and ‘findings for action’. They’re here to ensure things stay on track, if you would also like emailed alerts this can be arranged at no extra cost.

To Measure Is To Manage’ is our guiding principle, and I am confident you will enjoy the benefits that come with adopting Fire Ledger. Be part of the technological revolution in fire safety management.

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Kindest regards,
Mick Chambers

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St Nicholas School

I heard Mick speak at a Finance meeting and was completely mesmerised and excited about his product, ‘Fire Ledger’ which I took straight back to my school and bought without hesitation.

It’s a product that is so easy to use and captures all the relevant & statutory data needed for Fire Safety / Health and Safety. He has even incorporated a visitor’s log in so the council are able to extract all the data they require – AMAZING!

Not only does he have a fantastic product he provides us with all of our Fire Training for the whole school benefiting from his years of experience in the Fire Brigade.

The staff have said it has been the BEST fire training they have received.

I would highly recommend Mick and Fire Ledger to any school / business.

Red Gates School

Here at Red Gates School the Fire Ledger system has made the statutory management of our fire safety fast and efficient, one of the main features is the time saving element that in any busy school is a must in today’s fast paced world.

It is a one stop shop for all statutory fire management requirements and is straight forward, easy to use, and delivers the record keeping needed all in one place, all qualified, and ready to share with interested parties. The training and support given is first class and I would strongly recommend this system to any school.