Simplify and Streamline
Effortless compliance monitoring, enhanced accuracy and savings and a multi-site super dashboard


Control Through Measurement

Navigate Fire Ledger’s user-friendly dashboard, enriched with a quantifiable ‘current status’ section and ‘compliance’ system. Stay informed with ‘overdue’, ‘reminders’, and ‘findings for action’ notifications, empowering responsible individuals to swiftly manage current fire safety standards within premises.

Gain Multi-Site Parity of compliance

Embrace Fire Ledger’s Super Dashboard, offering an instant glance at fire safety levels across multiple locations. With one-click access to each site’s dashboard, this feature enables standardised fire safety management across large enterprises, at no extra cost to our standard system.

Time and Money Savings, Paperless Efficiency

Experience our Compliance Meter Our exclusive algorithm calculates compliance based on current and past performance, allowing instant visibility.

Never Miss a Beat with Automated Reminders

Receive automated alerts for various checks, from fire extinguishers to emergency lighting. Clearly displayed on your main dashboard.

Achieve Optimal Compliance

Staying up-to-date with fire-related maintenance, testing, checks, training, and fire drills is vital. Fire Ledger ensures records remain unalterable, displaying your true compliance level accurately.

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Experience hassle-free, proactive fire safety management with Fire Ledger and embrace streamlined compliance tailored for schools, businesses, landlords, and more. Fire Ledger ensures adherence to fire safety regulations.

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St Nicholas School

I heard Mick speak at a Finance meeting and was completely mesmerised and excited about his product, ‘Fire Ledger’ which I took straight back to my school and bought without hesitation.

It’s a product that is so easy to use and captures all the relevant & statutory data needed for Fire Safety / Health and Safety. He has even incorporated a visitor’s log in so the council are able to extract all the data they require – AMAZING!

Not only does he have a fantastic product he provides us with all of our Fire Training for the whole school benefiting from his years of experience in the Fire Brigade.

The staff have said it has been the BEST fire training they have received.

I would highly recommend Mick and Fire Ledger to any school / business.

Red Gates School

Here at Red Gates School the Fire Ledger system has made the statutory management of our fire safety fast and efficient, one of the main features is the time saving element that in any busy school is a must in today’s fast paced world.

It is a one stop shop for all statutory fire management requirements and is straight forward, easy to use, and delivers the record keeping needed all in one place, all qualified, and ready to share with interested parties. The training and support given is first class and I would strongly recommend this system to any school.